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A Brief History of Honda Cars & Bikes
Honda Motor Company Ltd is one of the topmost international manufacturers of automobiles and motorcycle. The company, which was incorporated in the year 1948, is headquartered in Japan. Honda started manufacturing motorcycles in the year 1949.

Honda Motorcycles A significant event in Honda history was the introduction of a small-sized motorcycle engine referred to as Honda c-100, in the year 1953. The company had risen to be the largest motorcycle seller across the globe by the year 1959. In the same year, a subsidiary of the company was established in the United States. The headquarters of the American subsidiary is in California. This subsidiary began the official production of motorcycles in the United States in the year 1979 while the first automobiles in the U.S were produced in 1982.

Honda Civic Despite the fact that Honda is the leading motorcycle manufacturer or producer, a large proportion of the company yearly sales is derived from automobiles. The popular Accord and Civic models are among the company's fuel-efficient and lightweight passenger vehicles. Among the notable automobile models produced by Honda is the Civic Hybrid, which is a key competitor to Toyota Prius. In response to the skyrocketing demand for hybrids and small cars in the United States, Honda increased its worldwide automobile production in the year 2008. Ridgeline is yet another popular car produced by Honda under the pickup category.


Other Honda Products

Small engines and farm machinery are other key product areas of Honda Motor Company. Several assembly plants linked with the company have been put in place in a number of countries. Additionally, Honda has taken part in technology-licensing pact and numerous joint ventures with diverse foreign companies.

Honda Power Equipment

Power equipment is another Honda product line worth mentioning. The production of power equipment began in the year 1953, when the H-type engine was introduced. This was shortly before the introduction of motorcycles. In the year 2007, the power equipment produced by Honda achieved a record sales amounting to 6.4 million. Notable examples of power equipment produced by Honda include Snow-thrower, Sprayer, Blower, Outboard engine, Pumps, Mower, Riding Mower, Tiller, Engine, and Hedge trimmer.

Honda Performance Engines

Honda Company is also known for producing high performance engines. The Indianapolis 500's starting field was marked by 33 cars, which were fully powered by Honda engines. Although it is widely recognized as a company that specializes in engine production, a V8 meant for passenger cars has never been produced by Honda.

Honda Robots

In addition to engine production, Honda has also ventured into research and production of robots. One of the notable robotic programs associated with the company is the ASIMO. ASIMO is a robot that looks like a small astronaut with a backpack. The weight of the robot is 54 kilograms while its height is 130 centimeters. Just like human movement, the robot has the ability to walk on its two feet.

Other products and technological ventures affiliated with Honda include mountain bikes, solar cells, aircraft, and ATVs. Moreover, the company has played an active role in motorsports such as Superbike races, Motorcycle racing, and many more. One of the major sponsors of the Los Angeles Marathon is Honda. It is clearly evident that Honda Company is likely to continue taking a leading spot in the sale and manufacture of motorcycles and automobiles, owed to ever-increasing popularity. - Website Disclaimer is not affiliated, endorsed or related to in any way. This site is provided for informational purposes only and is intended to educate users and potential buyers or sellers of automobiles on how to effectively use Craigslist and other online classifieds sites.

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